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Benefits of Game Night

Family activities play a vital role in enforcing unity and love. One such activity is an evening game. This is where members of a family spend several minutes playing their favourite game after the evening meal. Here is why this is important.


Unlike playing outdoors, family games do not incur any costs. For instance, you can get a pack of cards and use them to create several different games. You can also buy a set of cards and use them for the same purpose.

It Shapes character

Through winning and losing, members will learn how to control their success and failure. They will come to a level of appreciating the spirit of cooperation and understand how important it is to accept defeat. Such skills will easily reflect in their day to day lives as they interact with other people.

It Accommodates all Ages

Although there are games that are suitable for adults and those that suit children, most evening games are always suitable for all ages. This ensures that no one misses the fun involved.

Provides a Learning opportunity

Most educational games are often boring. However, older family members can utilize the playing time to teach children about numbers, letters, recognition and other important life skills.  The children can have fun and learn at the same time.

Suitable for the Physically Challenged as Well

Physical disabilities do not matter when it comes to family games. Anyone that is willing to participate is always free to join. If a member of the family is sick, the game can be played in the sick room or any other comfortable place to ensure that everyone is involved.

A Perfect Avenue for Entertainment

If your family is creative enough, you can play several games each day without repeating them. There are several board, dice, puzzle and word games to mention a few. Such variety is enough to keep your family engaged for several nights. One of the best games is Foosball, which you can check out on

Builds Relationships

As you play, you get the opportunity to interact with each other by sharing ideas, skills, and opinions. Each game may be a mix of laughter, tears and other emotional expressions depending on the outcome of the sessions.

Final Words

With such benefits, it is important that you do not miss the great experience achieved through playing regular evening games with your family. This is one of the best ways to build healthy family relationships.

Understanding Wide Format Printing Ink Varieties

Wide format printing is an industrial printing technique that allows you to create large visuals indoor and outdoor purposes. Also referred to as large format printing, wide format printing requires the use of specialized printers which can accommodate the large, yet varying print sizes. There are several printing technologies used in wide format printing. Some of these are Thermal Inkjet or TIJ technology and Continuous Inkjet or CIJ technology which can be used with Needham Ink that is OEM compatible.

When it comes to wide format printing, there are various types of ink that you can use to create impressive designs. Let us look at some of them.

Aqueous Ink

This ink is water-based. It must be mixed with water when applied and as it dries up, the water evaporated leaving a bright print behind. The ink comes in two varieties called dye and pigment. These varieties do not contain harmful chemicals and are great for detailed images. They are not water resistant and should only be used for indoor printing.

Solvent Ink

A form of pigment ink that is prepared using volatile organic compounds. Solvent ink is waterproof and resistant to UV rays. It is more durable than aqueous ink and holds quite well on most types of surfaces. One major drawback of this ink is the use of toxic chemicals in its preparation, which makes it non-ideal for businesses such as restaurants and shops. Industrial printing companies that use solvent ink must ensure there is adequate ventilation to avoid inhaling the dangerous fumes that may be emitted during printing.

Dry Sublimation Ink

This is available in two types. The aqueous type is mostly used for standard large format printing while the solvent type is common in more sophisticated large format printers.

UV Cured Ink

If you are in need of a type of ink that dries quickly on a number of surfaces, consider using UV cured inks. The drying process involves exposure to strong ultraviolet rays. This makes the ink more expensive than its counterparts although most people still use it because of its durability.

 Latex Ink

This is a form of solvent ink that does not contain any toxic chemicals. It is one of the most versatile, options that deliver high-quality images that may last indefinitely. The ink is odorless and eco-friendly. It is best suited for printing companies that produce both indoor and outdoor products.

In Conclusion

Most of the products we encounter in our day to day life are printed using one of the wide format inks mentioned above. These inks are more advantageous than ordinary ink because of their durability, quick drying time and waterproof capability. They are also cost effective and can be used for many industrial applications.