Always wanted to make your own movie? Then perhaps it’s time to start with a short film first to see if you have it in you. It all looks so easy, a few clear shots, some motion, the right background but it’s a lot more difficult than you think and you need the right equipment so let’s see if I can teach you a few things here.

Start Watching Them

Yes those short films indeed, and with that the most popular ones you can find on Youtube, just check the view count to find out what’s popular, this is truly the easiest way to learn to do this for a couple of months and you’ll have a huge advantage over your colleagues or classmates.

Brainstorm A Story

If you want to make a movie you need a great storyline so start to think about that for a while, just take your time there is no need to rush. Once you have a good idea of what it’s going to be you can start writing your script, have it looked at by others to see if it makes sense and then rewrite it a few times, rinse & repeat and you’ll get there.

Gather A Crew

You have the idea how to do it, you got the script, now it’s time to get yourself a crew of actors, video shooters (with a steady hand I may hope as you don’t have money for expensive equipment). You’d be amazed how many people would love to play a role in your movie so start asking your friends, family members, their friends, neighbors and anyone you can round up that would make a nice fit.

Hire The Equipment

There are two things you can do at this point, either you can try to start some crowdfunding campaign to take it to the next level but if this is a school project you can hire the equipment you need, it will cost you a few weeks salary but so be it. Unless you plan this to be the start of a new career you can also start buying some of the less expensive things, external microphones for video productions aren’t all that expensive so that would be a good starting point.

Take Action

You got all the pieces in place so now it’s time to take action or to get started as otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this quick guide. I wish you the best of luck and once your video is ready please leave a link in the comments below as I would love to watch it!