During your wedding reception, you need to make sure that everything is arranged in advance or you are most likely going to regret it big time as there are no last minute deals that are possible. Therefore I created this checklist for you so that your wedding reception will run as smooth as it can be.

Think about how you arrange the seats

Every family has family issues, some more serious than others and the last thing you want is two fighting brothers or sisters sitting right next to each other or opposite of each other so think about that and don’t let the venue decide on the seating. You need to be on top of this instead.

Don’t bore people with lengthy speeches

A toast needs to be sweet and to the point, no one is there to be part of your new novel so a hundred words is more than enough, even better if you can just say what you want to say in about 2-3 sentences and don’t make any nasty jokes that can be interpreted the wrong way.

Make arrangements for kids in advance

Wedding receptions are extremely boring for kids to attend to see if there’s some sort of playground that you can create or even better, have an inflatable playhouse and ask one of your friends the favor to watch out for them.

Change your clothes after the reception

Sure I bet you love your new wedding dress but this isn’t something to wear during dinner or the after party. You don’t want to spoil your dress with nasty food that leaves marks that you never get out of it so change into something comfortable for the remaining of the day.

Ever thought about an interactive food bar

Ha, we’re not talking about advanced artificial intelligence here but a food bar that can speak and perhaps provide short descriptions of what is what, especially if you have a foreign or exotic food bar will be immensely helpful for your guests.

No need for music during the reception

Some people book a musician like James for the whole day but it’s rather odd to have someone singing during your reception and if you want some background music just take your audio installation with you or use the one that the facility provides. Every venue has a way to play music so don’t worry about that.

It’s time to shake things up before the party starts

There are plenty of ways to entertain your guests during the wedding reception. Think of making introductions of each of the guests, and don’t let your guests get hungry, you can always arrange food in between. Put a time limit on toasts, and a maximum amount of people that can hold a toast.

Bring in the entertainment

Nope, we’re not talking about a wedding singer here but something different that truly surprises your guests. For example, you can hire acrobats like Cirque Du Solei, sure you can’t hire them but there are plenty of circuses that you can talk to and they are always looking for some side income. Just be creative.

A lounge area is a must have

Especially for the elderly that can’t stand too long for the in-between things, it’s wise to have a lounge area where people can relax a bit if the need arises. You can rent or borrow couches and equipment from your friends to fill up the lounge area so that you don’t spend a fortune on that.

Summing it up

I hope I provided you with plenty of ideas and if you’re missing something please add it in the comment section, that’s what it’s there for after all.