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Designing Custom plastic cards and badges

Creating standard cards sometimes leads to boring cards. However, given that they are part of your corporate image, it is good to customize them to fit your corporate image and company ideas. There are several areas you can customize to give the cards a unique look. This article explores these areas and offers advice on how to do it perfectly.

Look for the Best Size

Most standard cards are about 85mm x 55mm. However, you can decide to go for smaller, square or larger cards. Extra wide cards surpass the 90mm x 55mm size while the half-fold cards are around 110mm x 85 mm. A wide card allows you to add more information onto the cards while the half fold gives the card a unique look while wearing it around the workplace.


Conventional cards have sharp corners. However, you can also decide to have rounded corners for your staff ID cards. Rounding off corners gives the cards a sleek, stylish finish that makes them stand out and pleasant to wear around. Talk to your printing firm for the availability of such cards.
You can also decide to add a tactile finish such as matte, velvet or gloss lamination on the card. Not only does the card look stylish, but it also stays longer before wearing out. If you are going to pick a velvety or a high gloss finish, ensure that the colors of the text have enough contrast so that the card is legible from a reasonable distance.

Engraving Cards

Engraving is common with public service badges. With the popularizing of laser technology, engraving is a lot easier, faster and of good quality. You can use laser engraving as a security measure to ensure that the card data is protected from duplication. It also ensures that the authorized user is the only one that uses the card.

When going for the laser technology, decide on that data that you would like to burn onto your badge or the card and where the information will be burned. For the laser printed material to act as a security measure, ensure that it is printed on an area that it can be seen with ease.

Corporate identity

Your organization’s ID cards should always talk of the company. There are several ways you can customize colors and designs to look unique to the company. The easiest way to do it is to add your company logo and colors onto the card. You can also have the company slogan on the behind. If you have a bigger budget, you can have custom shapes that reflect what the company does. The design and placement of the text and portraits can also be tweaked to give the ID card a unique feel.

Finally, the quality of the card and the print on it is of great importance. Choose the material carefully onto which the biodata is printed and the kind of printer that you use to print the data. Quality material is long lasting with quality print holding on to the card for long.

Physical Activity After Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs infused into the body have certain effects on your strength, health status, and cognition. You may be advised to rest a lot and limit physical activity. However, there are still activities that you can undertake safely after the chemotherapy session.

In fact, too much test may cause muscle weakness, loss of function and pain when moving about. Here is a guideline of what you should or not do right after your dose.


It is not illegal to drive just after having the treatment. However, the effect of the drugs begs the question, Is it really safe to drive? Some effects of chemotherapy drugs include poor or double vision, nausea, vomiting, poor judgment and reduced motion. You may also experience extreme fatigue or diarrhea.

All of these effects may pose a risk when driving. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you do not drive up to 48 hours after the treatment. Again, this depends on the side effects.

Sexual Activity

Body fluids such as sweat, urine, vaginal fluids and semen have large amounts of the drug after chemo treatment. Therefore, any intercourse within 48 hours after the treatment will pass the fluids to the partner. You may also not be in the right emotional mind to enjoy sex. Take two days off after the treatment before enjoying some lovemaking.

Cleaning Outside

Chemotherapy has serious effects on the body’s immunity. You may be affected by things that are generally not a problem such as pollen, dust, and flu. Moreover, you may feel pain when using hand tools such as mowers and cutters. Therefore, it is advisable that you avoid outdoors for several days after having the treatment.

Do not sweep your outdoors, mow or cut bushes until you regain your strength. In the same breath, avoid crowds to avoid catching any airborne diseases such as flu. Also, limit the number of people coming to see you right after the treatment. Family members with flue should wear masks.


While exercise is good, keep it moderate or low until the extreme side effects have subsided. It is in your best interest to rest in the first two days after your chemo. After that, you can walk around home after rest. If you are not very weak, target a low to moderate workout routine of 150 minutes every week. Studies suggest that routine exercise the chances of re-occurrence of some cancers and improve the survival rate in many patients. It also lowers the chances of getting opportunistic diseases.