With the numerous types of rowing machines in the market, it is usually overwhelming for an athlete to settle on the best rowing machine that meets his requirements. This article aims at helping you understand various rowing machines and reviews top 3 rowing machines based on performance. But first, have a look at the factors to consider before you buy a rowing machine.

Things to consider before buying a rowing machine

Available space; the amount of space determines the size of rowing machine that you can buy. Do not make a mistake of first buying the machine then looking for where to fit it in your house, there is a high probability that the space might be hard to find. Measure out the space where you intend to place the rower then go shop for the rower.

Workout effectiveness; if you are a beginner in rowing, be sure to choose hydraulic piston rower which is easier to use and will give you workout effectiveness at your level. If you are experienced in rowing, it is ideal to use an adjustable air resistance rower as it will give you more workout effectiveness.

Price of the rowing machine; your budget determines what type of a rower you will end up buying. The good news is that nowadays the fitness industry is trying hard to ensure that you find something that meets your workout needs and is within your budget. So even with a limited budget, you can be sure to get something that will suit you.

Types of rowing machines

Piston resistant; its resistance settings can be adjusted and help balance the upper body strength during workouts. They are ideal for budding users.

Air resistant; it draws its force from a spinning flywheel which you activate into motion by pulling the handle. The harder you pull the handle, the more air is drawn in and the more the resistance. They are ideal for intermediate and advanced rowers. Magnetic resistance; they offer sleek glides but are less effective in workouts because they lack friction with the glides. They are ideal for beginners.

Water resistant; it has a water tank where the paddles are suspended. The harder you pull the handle on this type of rowing machine, the harder friction you are able to generate. They are ideal for use by more experienced athletes.

Best rowing machines by performance

Concept2 Model E; it one of the most luxurious and effective rowing machines available in the market. It is durable and requires minimal maintenance. It’s designed to engage every muscle in the body and provide effective workout. It has a long monitor arm that helps you adjust your PM4 console without interrupting your workouts. This model comes with caster wheels, flexifoot footrests and Garmin chest belts to help you monitor your heart rate. It has a maximum user weight of 500lbs.

Avari Programmable Rower; this is one of the most professional rowing machine in the market. The rower has 12 workout programs and is equipped with 6 cardio profiles which allow you to monitor your overall progress. Its seats are extra-comfortable and the handles are thickly textured. It is foldable for compact storage and is easy to assemble it back. It has a maximum user weight of 250lbs.

LifeSpan Fitness RW1000; this rower is designed to tone your back, legs, arms and shoulders. It also provides efficient cardiovascular workout. The solid construction of the rower prevents the machine from moving while you are working out according to rowflow.net. It has padded and textured handles that are easy to grip. It’s easy and comfortable to use. In fact the rower was awarded the 2008 Gear Awards Seal of Excellence for its comfortable and silent features. It has a maximum user weight of 300lbs.