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How to Produce Your own Short Film

How to Produce Your own Short Film

Always wanted to make your own movie? Then perhaps it’s time to start with a short film first to see if you have it in you. It all looks so easy, a few clear shots, some motion, the right background but it’s a lot more difficult than you think and you need the right equipment so let’s see if I can teach you a few things here.

Start Watching Them

Yes those short films indeed, and with that the most popular ones you can find on Youtube, just check the view count to find out what’s popular, this is truly the easiest way to learn to do this for a couple of months and you’ll have a huge advantage over your colleagues or classmates.

Brainstorm A Story

If you want to make a movie you need a great storyline so start to think about that for a while, just take your time there is no need to rush. Once you have a good idea of what it’s going to be you can start writing your script, have it looked at by others to see if it makes sense and then rewrite it a few times, rinse & repeat and you’ll get there.

Gather A Crew

You have the idea how to do it, you got the script, now it’s time to get yourself a crew of actors, video shooters (with a steady hand I may hope as you don’t have money for expensive equipment). You’d be amazed how many people would love to play a role in your movie so start asking your friends, family members, their friends, neighbors and anyone you can round up that would make a nice fit.

Hire The Equipment

There are two things you can do at this point, either you can try to start some crowdfunding campaign to take it to the next level but if this is a school project you can hire the equipment you need, it will cost you a few weeks salary but so be it. Unless you plan this to be the start of a new career you can also start buying some of the less expensive things, external microphones for video productions aren’t all that expensive so that would be a good starting point.

Take Action

You got all the pieces in place so now it’s time to take action or to get started as otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this quick guide. I wish you the best of luck and once your video is ready please leave a link in the comments below as I would love to watch it!

The Benefits of a Laser Engraving Business

Laser engraving involves producing marks, which can be pictures or words on an object through the process of taking away some material and leaving a permanent mark behind. Although you might have to put up some capital for the laser as well as the software you need for the computer controlled mechanisms, still a laser engraving business gives you so many benefits that make the initial costs a worthwhile investment.

So, why should you get into a laser engraving business?


Traditional engraving methods take a lot of time and effort, and the results aren’t as good as the ones that come with laser engraving. Traditional laser engraving requires that you scratch the surface of the laser using your hand and a few tools.

On the other hand, laser engravers get integrated into the production line and reduce the manufacturing time. You don’t have to put so much effort into the task because most of the tasks are automated. All you need to do is to come up with the specifications and insert them into the settings.


Your customers will be happy when you deliver the exact item they called for. Accuracy keeps these costs low, and the use of computer software makes it possible to come up with more complex designs than the ones seen with traditional engraving methods.

Integrating the laser marker from Needham Coding into your existing processes is also an easy task that doesn’t require you to buy other equipment.


The use of laser engraving reduces the time it takes to process an item. This means that you use less energy to produce more items. Additionally, the short production time means less wear and tear on the tools. This is possible because the laser isn’t in contact with the material that you are engraving. You can use the machine for long without having to purchase any replacements.


Compared to traditional marking methods, laser gives you the capability to mark as many types of materials as possible. Additionally, the materials can have a curved surface or an irregular one – the laser still gives you the best results. This means that you can satisfy the needs of your customers much easier and faster as compared to before.

In Closing

Starting a laser business is a good idea because you get to recoup your investments in the shortest time possible. However, make sure you have the right laser engraving machine so that you enjoy all the benefits.

Benefits of Game Night

Family activities play a vital role in enforcing unity and love. One such activity is an evening game. This is where members of a family spend several minutes playing their favourite game after the evening meal. Here is why this is important.


Unlike playing outdoors, family games do not incur any costs. For instance, you can get a pack of cards and use them to create several different games. You can also buy a set of cards and use them for the same purpose.

It Shapes character

Through winning and losing, members will learn how to control their success and failure. They will come to a level of appreciating the spirit of cooperation and understand how important it is to accept defeat. Such skills will easily reflect in their day to day lives as they interact with other people.

It Accommodates all Ages

Although there are games that are suitable for adults and those that suit children, most evening games are always suitable for all ages. This ensures that no one misses the fun involved.

Provides a Learning opportunity

Most educational games are often boring. However, older family members can utilize the playing time to teach children about numbers, letters, recognition and other important life skills.  The children can have fun and learn at the same time.

Suitable for the Physically Challenged as Well

Physical disabilities do not matter when it comes to family games. Anyone that is willing to participate is always free to join. If a member of the family is sick, the game can be played in the sick room or any other comfortable place to ensure that everyone is involved.

A Perfect Avenue for Entertainment

If your family is creative enough, you can play several games each day without repeating them. There are several board, dice, puzzle and word games to mention a few. Such variety is enough to keep your family engaged for several nights. One of the best games is Foosball, which you can check out on

Builds Relationships

As you play, you get the opportunity to interact with each other by sharing ideas, skills, and opinions. Each game may be a mix of laughter, tears and other emotional expressions depending on the outcome of the sessions.

Final Words

With such benefits, it is important that you do not miss the great experience achieved through playing regular evening games with your family. This is one of the best ways to build healthy family relationships.

Classes Of People Who Can Make Good Instagram Influencers

There is a perception that for you to make some money on Instagram, you have to own some products which can either be digital or physical. However, this is not true because there a good number of people who are making a living out of social media and they have no products. Instagram owners will not pay you for spending time on their platform but if you are creative enough, you can make a living out of it. Social influencers are on demand and you can get paid to do what you like. The following are classes of people who can make good Instagram influencers


    1. Entertainers

This group makes our lives lively as they give us the entertainment we need to keep going. Irrespective of the sector you are in, you can establish a social presence and make some extra money from it. Those in the music industry and other creative niches are already enjoying the benefits of influencer marketing. Entertainers are trendsetters and people always try to copy them which makes this idea a practical one. If you promote for example a new fashion apparel, people who look up to you will want to use this product. Approach brands and tell them that you can promote their brands at a fee.


    1. Athletes

People love sports and that is why athletes are held in high esteem in the society. If you are an established athlete and have an active Instagram page, then attracting followers to your account will not be a big deal. Big brands can sponsor your attire and then recommend your followers to wear the same. Charges will depend on the kind of engagement that you get with various brands. Ensure that you sign contracts with big brands before you commit to doing endorsements and marketing on their behalf.


    1. Social media addicts

If you are kind of person who cannot spend like thirty minutes without visiting various social sites, then you can make a living out of it as well. Just makes sure that your account is active and increase your followers’ base by creating quality content that people can relate to. You can then start approaching various brands to become an influencer or even a brand ambassador. As Fred Harrington wrote, you can use various bots to automate some functions such as posting, liking new posts and searching for hashtags. Engaging followers can be overwhelming but once you have automation tools it becomes easy.

Musical Instruments That Make Folk Music Tick

Folk music is one of the oldest, wonderful and melodic music. It helps us to express who we are, talk about our culture and expose our inner feelings and identity. Apart from this, folk music helps us to celebrate and enjoy life.

The music is renowned for being enthusiastic and vibrant, though we have latterly seen its popularity wane because the older instruments are no longer being embraced by the young generation. Instead, they go for the electric instruments that do not bring out the raw emotion and originality of the folklore. To get started, look at this now and get an idea.

To capture the raw nature of this genre, it is vital that you get hold of the right kind of instrument for the task. Let us look at the instruments that make folk music original.

Washtub Bass / Barrel Bass

This is an instrument that has a single string that you pluck. It uses a metal washtub as a resonator. The string is tied to an end of the washtub, and the other end to a stick that is made of wood.


This is a box-shaped instrument that you expand and compress to produce sound. The accordion uses bellows that have been incorporated into its design. Compression allows air to flow across reeds, leading to vibration that produces sound inside the body of the instrument.


This is a musical instrument that has four or five strings. You play the banjo by strumming the strings, which causes the membrane of the plastic material to vibrate, producing sound.


This is a small instrument that consists of a shallow wooden ring that is surrounded by jingles. You can play the tambourine in many different ways ranging from striking the head using knuckles or a fist, or by shaking it or hitting it using drumsticks.

Jews Harp

Also called a mouth harp, this instrument falls under the category of plucked idiophones. It consists of a flexible tongue made of bamboo or metal and attached to a frame. You place the tongue in your mouth and pluck using the finger to produce a note.


This is a long-necked flute that is also a stringed instrument. It resembles a sitar, only that it does not have frets, just open strings. You pay by plucking the four or five strings in a regular rhythm to create a melodic note.

Final Thoughts

If you have ever thought about making it in folk music, these are the instruments to try out.

Automatic Viral Spire

Use of social media has grown rapidly, and almost every individual has an account be it for personal use or for business purposes. Instagram is one of the platforms that has been widely accepted and, and it has among the most substantial number of users. To make it even more useful, there has been the introduction of automation which simplifies the work of the users. Here are the functions that can be automated on Instagram.

    1. Liking of posts

Having to like every post that one finds on Instagram especially those of the followers is hard when dealing with a large number of followers.  The intention of liking their posts is mainly to ensure that they do the same on yours and especially where you are marketing a product or services.

    1. Following of those that have requested you

When the account grows, it gets to attract very many followers, and every time there are new users trying to follow you.  Responding to them can be hectic and time-consuming. Application of automation tools solves this problem as it is able to follow back many users on your behalf.

    1. Buying of likes

Liking posts of market leaders, your followers and trendsetters can be a time-consuming activity and may take some time when done manually. Assigning this task to the automation tool can be helpful in the sense that it simplifies the task and quickens it. It is able to increase the view of your content and thus achieving the purpose intended. Note that every function including payments is automated hence the account holder does not have to be necessarily involved. The good is that you buy likes and increase engagement levels which shows that you are socially active. There are many bots that can help you achieve this. If you want to know what makes a good liking bot, you can check the review of Automatic Viral at Spire.

    1. Searching and requesting for followings

As you try to expand, you will try to explore those users who might be the target audience for the posts you make. Going step by step is somewhat hard, and it might prove to be highly unfruitful.  Sometimes you may not even get a minimum number of targeted followers. However, when you use bots they will automate all these functions. This saves you time and the numbers you get is way more significant than doing it manually.

Cordless Drill Power Options: The Battery Pack

The battery pack that comes with your cordless drill determines how much torque and strength you get from it. The more voltage your battery pack has, the more power you get from the drill. While some might opt to buy the most powerful drill they can find, it doesn’t make sense. Doing so just means additional cost and weight.

Watch the Weight

Remember the more powerful a cordless drill is, the heavier it is. If you are going to use the drill around the home to handle some odd tasks, then a heavy drill weighs you down and makes it harder for you to use. The last thing you want is to waste money on a drill that you can’t use effectively.

The Batteries

Some models come with two batteries, so while one of them is charging you can use the other one for the task. This gives you the ability to use the drill continuously.

If you need the drill for hours on end, you need to have two batteries at hand. You don’t want the battery to die when you are in the middle of a task, and then having to wait for some time for the battery to charge. If your cordless drill comes with a single battery, make an order for a second battery.

Take It Out after Use

Even when your drill isn’t running, it still uses up some battery power. While it might not be significant, it builds up over time. Therefore, make sure you remove the battery from the drill when you are done using it.

What Kind Should You Choose?

The choice of the drill depends on the task at hand. If you are looking for a drill for home use such as, then get one with a battery power of 12 volts and below. If you need one for moderate use or light industrial use, then go for a drill with a rating of 18 volts. 36 volt drills are ideal for demolition purposes. Therefore, choose according to the duty cycle.

The battery should be Lithium-Ion because the older models lose power quickly. Lithium-Ion batteries also charge faster, some boasting for a charge time of less than 15 minutes.


Choosing the drill dictates how fast you do your tasks. A more powerful drill is also heavier and might end up hurting your hands or making it hard for you to work.

4 Ways to Start Living Healthy

Can’t bend downwards easily? Do your joints hurt? Do you get tired and sleepy easily?

If so, your health might be compromised. You might be unable to do as many normal activities as before. Worse, you can end up with a life-threatening illness.

And if so, you should eliminate toxic activities as soon as possible. Then, make room for healthy habits.

Here are ways to help you:

1 – Exercise

Exercise is almost the miracle drug that many people are looking for. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, it’s time to make a change.

Allot at least an hour every 3-5 days to exercise. You can head on over to the gym and be exposed to fancy exercise equipment. Go on the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike.

You can simply walk around your neighborhood, jog in a sports center, go hiking, or cycling. You can also join a dance class.

2 – Eat Nutritiously

Another way is to pay attention to your diet. If you’re a heavy meat-eater, you might need to lessen your intake of meat. Try switching to fish meat, too. You should also incorporate fruits and vegetables in your regular meals.

Making a bowl (or two) of salad regularly is a good idea. This will help guarantee you get a recommended fix of the fruits and vegetables. If you’re planning to buy a salad spinner and you need help, visit Spinning Salad for a buying guide.

3 – Sleep

Getting enough sleep is a solid health advice, too. If you only get a couple of hours of sleep, you need to revise the habit. Make sure you schedule at least 6 hours out of your day just to close your eyes in bed.

Sleeping allows your body to take matters slowly and recharge. Sleep aids in bettering your body’s performance. It improves your mental focus, rids physical pain, and decreases the risks of illnesses.

4 – Avoid Stress

If you’re surrounded by stress-inducing elements, you may need to reorganize your environment. Doing so will add to your wellness.

If you tend to overwork and overthink, you’re more susceptible to illnesses compared to those who are living stress-free lives. So learn to relax and take matters slowly.

Final Thoughts

Follow the abovementioned ways to start living a healthy life. Especially if you’re past your childhood and teens, you should learn to prioritize your health. Doing so will greatly improve the quality of your life and give you the opportunity to engage in much more activities.

What Happens to Your Hair as You Age?

Every strand in your hair contains a straightening protein known as keratin. And then there’s an outer layer of overlapping sheets made up of the cuticle. The only living part of your hair that exists inside the hair follicle is the dermis and epidermis. In other words, the hair that you can see is actually dead.

As you get old, a few things occur to your hair triggered by hormonal, biochemical and microscopic factors. Here’s a look at how age affects your hair and what you can do about it.

Change in Texture and Thickness

A single hair lives for about four or five years with an average growth rate of half an inch every month. It, therefore, means that if your hair is 12 inches long, it must have endured at least three years of friction, ultraviolet light, curling, coloring and so on. Of course, this results in the tear, wear, and withering. As your cuticles become soft, your hair becomes rougher and more prone to breakage.

To counter the effects aging has on your hair’s texture and thickness, you may consider using anti-againg products. Most claim to make your hair smoother and seal the cuticle. Straighten it once in a while to improve the texture. Even then, choose your straightener carefully to avoid damaging your cuticle further. Visit to view an assortment of hair straighteners that will help improve how your hair looks without changing its structure.

Hair Turns Gray

While there’s no concrete explanation to the process of aging, it is known that your hair will start turning gray when your body stops producing melanin. Typically, the lighter your skin, the sooner you’ll start to deal with gray hair. As to what you can do about it, there’s no permanent solution to gray hair. Your best bet is coloring.

Thinning and Baldness

Statistics indicate that two third of men will have experienced significant hair loss by the time they’re sixty. Hair loss starts at the temples or on the top of the head. The primary cause of hair loss is hormonal changes although some lifestyle habits such as smoking may contribute to hair loss. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for baldness. Sure, there are treatments to stimulate hair growth but even these are temporal.

The bottom line is, aging will affect your hair in one way or the other. You may choose to let nature take its course or for semi-permanent solutions such as the ones suggested above.

Devumi Exposed for Selling Fake Followers and Genuine Alternatives to Grow your Social Media Following

The use of social media platforms has grown drastically over the last couple of years.  For that reason, some users have resorted to employing unorthodox methods to build their following. As you may already know, a large audience heightens your popularity and may also attract advertisers on your page.  As a result of the much needed following on social media by celebrities and politicians, one American company named Devumi has been cashing big on selling fake twitter followers and retweets to anyone willing to pay the right price for popularity. Initially exposed by the New York Times, the fraudulent activities by Devumi have been covered widely in the press.  As noted on, the company has been creating carbon copies of people’s twitter accounts and even worse, using the same profile pictures and details of the real account owner.  By doing this, Devumi has not only violated privacy laws but also breached people’s right to safety on the internet.

As expected, the company has already come out through a spokesperson to deny these allegations. In a row that is expected to go on for a while now, Twitter has already indicated that Devumi’s actions are unacceptable and they violated the company policies. Hence, there is every possibility that Twitter may take some action against Devumi.  To further highlight Devumi’s fraudulent scam, it is reported that some users have lost large numbers of followers since the story was exposed.

Even so, we should not ignore the fact that there are other companies out there engaging in identity theft and other fraudulent activities online. With information readily available on the internet, we can only hope that the social media companies will do something to curb such malicious practices.


There are numerous benefits of having a large following on social media platforms. However, you don’t need to buy fake followers because there are other methods of growing your account without engaging in fraudulent activities with companies such as Devumi. Some other real alternatives include;


With competition so fierce in the online world, outsourcing is one way of growing your account organically without cheating the system. There are numerous organic growth service providers, relying on real people to personally manage your account. Just inform them your target audience, and goals then leave the rest to them. In no time, the right people will be following you.

Networking with influencers

People with the most followers tend to be influencers in their own right. Interacting with them online, sharing their posts, and commenting on their tweets is a sure way of attracting more followers as it gives you more visibility


Blogging is another way of building your social media following by writing on your website and also contributing to other blogs. This gives you more visibility as your name, and social media accounts are noticed by a large audience online. To get a more substantial following, you need to put up content more often and be consistent.

Make use of available tools and software

There are certain tools that you can employ to help grow your following. Those tools or software tend to deal with analytics and automation. For instance, analytics provides you with statistics about your social media platforms allowing you to know the kind of posts eliciting more positive reviews, when to post, and what kind of posts are shared the most.


The insatiable appetite for popularity and fame has set the stage for companies such as Devumi to take advantage of the readily available information online and sell fake followers to celebrities competing against each other. Luckily, there are other means of attaining your social media goals genuinely. Finally, always be cautious about the information you share online lest you find your identity being used to promote obscurities and fraud.