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9 Reasons to Play Paintball More Often

Sure paintball is one of the most intense games you’ll ever play. Plus, the mask, ammunition and a marker make it intriguing. But, did you know that there’s more to this sport other than having fun? Yes, playing paintball is good for your health. You don’t think so? Well, that’s about to change if you read this article to the very end. So hop right into it.

It Adds Variety to your Exercise Regimen

Paintball is an excellent activity to engage in if you don’t have the time to hit the gym. It is also ideal if you’re looking for something active to do with your friends. Besides, you can opt for a session if you want to spruce up things a little bit to create an intense routine outside of your regular program.

So, if you’re tired of running on the treadmill every day, you should try out paintball. After all, it provides the same range of movements like ducking, climbing, tip-toeing and running.

It Offers a Full Body Workout

Paintball is all about dodging, diving, crawling and shooting. And, because the game is super-fast and tactful, you’re likely to get caught up in the thick of things without knowing.  Of course, the ripple effect is that your arms, legs, and shoulders will benefit. How nice!

It Improves your Endurance

Paintball, at its very core, involves aerobic workouts.  In essence, this means that it can provide an excellent cardiovascular exercise. By extension, this bolsters your endurance levels since you have to spend a considerable amount of time on the field.

It Helps Increase Strength

Paintball requires that you move around fast as you carry your marker around. Add the safety gear into the mix and what you get is a sport that requires you to use your legs to support your upper body. The squatting and shooting help strengthen your core as well.

Speaking of markers, this new website of Paintball Pick is the place to visit if you want high-quality models that won’t disappoint. Keep in mind that you’ll enjoy the game more if you have the right gear and equipment.

It Increases Self Confidence

Paintball is a team sport. It requires strategizing and execution that is better done when everyone involved works as a team. That way, the game promotes team spirit. Further, it enhances your leadership and interpersonal skills. Indeed, the tense scenarios can give your confidence a boost.

It is Good for Weight Loss

Yes. Playing paintball can be your best bet to dropping the extra pound. The intense exercise involved allows your body to burn calories while improving sleep cycles. It also helps boost metabolism. Besides, the release of endorphins elevates your mood. What’s more? Well, paintball is good for the heart – it lowers the risk of heart disease, depression, and blood pressure.

It Helps Relieve Stress

Did you know that you can vent out frustration with necessarily hurting others by playing paintball? Yep. You can let out your anger in the game while improving your skills set at the same time. Of course, being in the right state of mind can help drive down stress levels.

It Healthy to be Outdoors

Repeated studies show that exercising outdoors boots your outlook, mood, and immunity. One research done by the University of Michigan found out that group nature walks enhance mental health and positivity.  It also helps lower the feeling of anxiety significantly. A separate study conducted by the Glasgow University showed that people your bike, walk or run in nature have a lower risk of mental health when compared to those that work indoors.

It’s Fun!

You will have a good time playing paintball – seriously. The rush of adrenaline is exhilarating as is the shooting of your opponents with dyed pellets. Think of it as the sport that allows you to bring out the inner child in you.  Plus, the game is full of laughter and excitement.

The Bottom Line

There’s every reason to play paintball. It is good for your overall wellbeing. The best part is that you can do it with your friends, so you’ll always get the motivation to stay in the game.  So, go ahead and indulge in the sport!

Benefits Of Maintaining Your Home

The idea and actual realization of buying a home can be one of the best assets that you can achieve in this life. It is the dream of almost every human to have a roof under his or her head. The bad news is that your financial woes will not end once you buy that dream home. You still have to incur various expenses in the form of maintenance and bills that come your way. There are some of these tasks that you will cover on your own while others require a professional. The following are some of the reasons why you need to maintain your home

Appreciate its value

Even though most people think that property will always appreciate as time goes by, neglect can do it more harm than good. Keeping your home in good shape does not need to be expensive,but it is the small things that you do that matters a lot. Do not expect to attract potential buyers when you have peeling paints and your lighting system is a mess. However, it is critical to ensure that the maintenance that you carry out has economic sense. All the fixtures and fittings should serve for a long time as well.

Avoid unnecessary expenditure

There are some simple things that you may ignore only for the problem to become extreme. For instance, you may fail to repair a leaking pipe only for the water to damage your furniture and fittings within your house. You may also find that you pay high water and electricity bills when you fail to make those simple maintenance tasks. You thus have to regularly inspect your home and ensure that everything is in good shape. There are some that you can note through observation while others like checking the balance of your garage door may require professional analysis.

Makes the home habitable

You could be having the most expensive furniture and fittings in your home,butstill, the property is not welcoming. There are some areas that you may neglect which makes your home prone to accidents. For example, a loose garage door can be a disaster in waiting as it may fall on someone or even your car. Hiring professional cleaners is the first step towards making your home a paradise. You do not have to worry about selection because Residence Style highlights some of the key factors to consider when you want to get the best cleaners.

Elements Of A Good Instagram Marketing Strategy

It is very hard to ignore the power of social media in today’s business world. The way people exchange information is now changing, and there is a shift towards various social messaging apps. One of the areas that are experiencing massive transformation is the marketing sector where digital marketing seems to be taking over. Instagram is one of the main social platforms that is contributing to this transformation majorly because of its visual nature. However, succeeding on Instagram without a strategy is next to impossible. An Instagram strategy documents what you will do and how you will achieve it. The following are some important elements of a good strategy

Establish your goals

What do you want to achieve when you join Instagram? There are those who want to build a community; others increase traffic to the money sites; another group wants to establish social authority while others want to increase their sales. You can have a few main goals and others will follow afterward. However, you need to ensure that your goals are realistic. They should not be so easy to achieve while at the same not too hard for you. Remember to include both your short-term and long term goals and focus on them with all your might.

Develop a content strategy

Gone are the days that you could post anything that came your way. Nowadays you have to evaluate how the content you are about to share will affect your brand. It is thus important to determine the kind of content that is fit for business and your account. Instagram allows you to post content in the form of videos, images, and text. You can come up with a plan where you post videos on a particular day. You can also postimages as a teaser before you post a video to arouse the interest of your followers.


You have to list the tools that you will use to implement your content strategy. You can use contests or even mentions and influencers to make your brand known. Instagram bots are also perfect tools that can help you achieve your marketing needs. The list of the number of things you can do with automation tools is endless which gives more time to focus on core business. You can learn moreabout automation tools and pick those that suit you best. You also need to evaluate your performance using these tools.

Designing Custom plastic cards and badges

Creating standard cards sometimes leads to boring cards. However, given that they are part of your corporate image, it is good to customize them to fit your corporate image and company ideas. There are several areas you can customize to give the cards a unique look. This article explores these areas and offers advice on how to do it perfectly.

Look for the Best Size

Most standard cards are about 85mm x 55mm. However, you can decide to go for smaller, square or larger cards. Extra wide cards surpass the 90mm x 55mm size while the half-fold cards are around 110mm x 85 mm. A wide card allows you to add more information onto the cards while the half fold gives the card a unique look while wearing it around the workplace.


Conventional cards have sharp corners. However, you can also decide to have rounded corners for your staff ID cards. Rounding off corners gives the cards a sleek, stylish finish that makes them stand out and pleasant to wear around. Talk to your printing firm for the availability of such cards.
You can also decide to add a tactile finish such as matte, velvet or gloss lamination on the card. Not only does the card look stylish, but it also stays longer before wearing out. If you are going to pick a velvety or a high gloss finish, ensure that the colors of the text have enough contrast so that the card is legible from a reasonable distance.

Engraving Cards

Engraving is common with public service badges. With the popularizing of laser technology, engraving is a lot easier, faster and of good quality. You can use laser engraving as a security measure to ensure that the card data is protected from duplication. It also ensures that the authorized user is the only one that uses the card.

When going for the laser technology, decide on that data that you would like to burn onto your badge or the card and where the information will be burned. For the laser printed material to act as a security measure, ensure that it is printed on an area that it can be seen with ease.

Corporate identity

Your organization’s ID cards should always talk of the company. There are several ways you can customize colors and designs to look unique to the company. The easiest way to do it is to add your company logo and colors onto the card. You can also have the company slogan on the behind. If you have a bigger budget, you can have custom shapes that reflect what the company does. The design and placement of the text and portraits can also be tweaked to give the ID card a unique feel.

Finally, the quality of the card and the print on it is of great importance. Choose the material carefully onto which the biodata is printed and the kind of printer that you use to print the data. Quality material is long lasting with quality print holding on to the card for long.

Physical Activity After Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs infused into the body have certain effects on your strength, health status, and cognition. You may be advised to rest a lot and limit physical activity. However, there are still activities that you can undertake safely after the chemotherapy session.

In fact, too much test may cause muscle weakness, loss of function and pain when moving about. Here is a guideline of what you should or not do right after your dose.


It is not illegal to drive just after having the treatment. However, the effect of the drugs begs the question, Is it really safe to drive? Some effects of chemotherapy drugs include poor or double vision, nausea, vomiting, poor judgment and reduced motion. You may also experience extreme fatigue or diarrhea.

All of these effects may pose a risk when driving. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you do not drive up to 48 hours after the treatment. Again, this depends on the side effects.

Sexual Activity

Body fluids such as sweat, urine, vaginal fluids and semen have large amounts of the drug after chemo treatment. Therefore, any intercourse within 48 hours after the treatment will pass the fluids to the partner. You may also not be in the right emotional mind to enjoy sex. Take two days off after the treatment before enjoying some lovemaking.

Cleaning Outside

Chemotherapy has serious effects on the body’s immunity. You may be affected by things that are generally not a problem such as pollen, dust, and flu. Moreover, you may feel pain when using hand tools such as mowers and cutters. Therefore, it is advisable that you avoid outdoors for several days after having the treatment.

Do not sweep your outdoors, mow or cut bushes until you regain your strength. In the same breath, avoid crowds to avoid catching any airborne diseases such as flu. Also, limit the number of people coming to see you right after the treatment. Family members with flue should wear masks.


While exercise is good, keep it moderate or low until the extreme side effects have subsided. It is in your best interest to rest in the first two days after your chemo. After that, you can walk around home after rest. If you are not very weak, target a low to moderate workout routine of 150 minutes every week. Studies suggest that routine exercise the chances of re-occurrence of some cancers and improve the survival rate in many patients. It also lowers the chances of getting opportunistic diseases.


Probably the most versatile furniture item you can purchase, the humble bean bag has been the “go-to” for new home-makers throughout the decades. It’s “fits all” moldability makes it ideal for relaxing in front of the TV, to watch your favourite movie, or for relaxing in the garden with a cold glass of something nice.

Size and shape

Sold in a variety of sizes and shapes, there is something for everyone. Large, medium, small, round, long, flat, square – you name it, it’s no doubt available. There are even arm-chair shaped bean bags, offering a cheap yet practical alternative to more conventional seating.

Although a smaller bean bag can be easily moved and placed anywhere in the room, before you drop your tired derriere into it, a larger bag will let you relax in a number of different postures – sat, reclined, laid on your back, front or side – maybe even with your favourite person or persons.


The eponymous bean bag is filled with beans, right? Well, maybe – maybe not. Originally, of course, bean bags were filled with exactly that. However, these days, your bean bag could contain small polystyrene balls, shredded foam, cotton, or memory foam.

The most pliable filling that will mold to your body shape is that of beans or polystyrene balls. However, expect the bean bag to forget you the moment you get up. A memory foam bag will remember you and your body shape when you part company, waiting to welcome you back, like an old friend’s familiar embrace.

Cover and zipper

There are lots of attractive and fun cover-design. But choose your bean bag carefully Bean Bag Best warns. By its very nature, it will challenge your poise and balance. You may very-well end up wearing the red wine that you attempted to sit down with. You want to be sure that you can clean the bean bag’s cover, either in situ or by removing it and washing it.

If the cover is not removable, it’s advisable to choose one that is easy to wipe down, such as “leather-look”. Although not as comfortable as a fabric cover, you will not have to live with an ever-increasing collection of unsightly stains on your bean bag.

Finally, if the cover is removable and it has a zipper, be sure that the zipper is safely tucked out of the way. You can get a nasty scratch if it is exposed!

Myths Around CBD

Myths Around CBD

Discussions around CBD and other uses of the cannabis plant are taking center stage in the modern world. Do we have a possibility that all the countries in the world will legalize the use of CBD? That is just a speculation, and we have only to wait and see as these roll out. However, cannabis is one of the most misunderstood plants in the entire world. A good number of people think that its use needs regulation while another group believes that it should be free for everyone. CBD is just a component of the cannabis sativa plant, and the following are some of the myths behind it

All CBD products are the same

There are no guarantees that all the products you buy off the shelf are the same. The reason behind this is because the market regulations are not that clear because most countries are still in the early stages of developing policies. You thus have to do your research if you want to land on safe products. You have to take due diligence and ensure that the company has positive reviews from past customers and experts in the field. Endorsements from relevant bodies such as those on Omnia Biologics creates a positive reputation that you can trust.

CBD is legal everywhere

Why do the governments control the usage of a product that so many benefits? This question is pervasive among people who do not understand how CBD works. Whether CBD is legal or illegal is a topic of discussion in most countries, and that is up to you to research what applies in your state. You can extract CBD from either hemp or marijuana which affects the concentration of THC. In hemp, the concentration of THC can be less than 0.03% while marijuana will have almost 30% of the same. THC is the substance that causes the feeling of ‘highness’ when people consume recreational marijuana.

If you take a bigger dose, you feel the results faster

You may think that rubbing lots of CBD oil where there is inflammation will show the results instantly. It is not true because that is now how body receptors work. You need to give your body enough time to interact with substances that will alleviate some situations. Taking too much may even at times lessen the effectiveness of the drug. Consult a professional if you are not sure of the dosage.

Essential Things to Include in Your Wedding Reception

Essential Things to Include in Your Wedding Reception

During your wedding reception, you need to make sure that everything is arranged in advance or you are most likely going to regret it big time as there are no last minute deals that are possible. Therefore I created this checklist for you so that your wedding reception will run as smooth as it can be.

Think about how you arrange the seats

Every family has family issues, some more serious than others and the last thing you want is two fighting brothers or sisters sitting right next to each other or opposite of each other so think about that and don’t let the venue decide on the seating. You need to be on top of this instead.

Don’t bore people with lengthy speeches

A toast needs to be sweet and to the point, no one is there to be part of your new novel so a hundred words is more than enough, even better if you can just say what you want to say in about 2-3 sentences and don’t make any nasty jokes that can be interpreted the wrong way.

Make arrangements for kids in advance

Wedding receptions are extremely boring for kids to attend to see if there’s some sort of playground that you can create or even better, have an inflatable playhouse and ask one of your friends the favor to watch out for them.

Change your clothes after the reception

Sure I bet you love your new wedding dress but this isn’t something to wear during dinner or the after party. You don’t want to spoil your dress with nasty food that leaves marks that you never get out of it so change into something comfortable for the remaining of the day.

Ever thought about an interactive food bar

Ha, we’re not talking about advanced artificial intelligence here but a food bar that can speak and perhaps provide short descriptions of what is what, especially if you have a foreign or exotic food bar will be immensely helpful for your guests.

No need for music during the reception

Some people book a musician like James for the whole day but it’s rather odd to have someone singing during your reception and if you want some background music just take your audio installation with you or use the one that the facility provides. Every venue has a way to play music so don’t worry about that.

It’s time to shake things up before the party starts

There are plenty of ways to entertain your guests during the wedding reception. Think of making introductions of each of the guests, and don’t let your guests get hungry, you can always arrange food in between. Put a time limit on toasts, and a maximum amount of people that can hold a toast.

Bring in the entertainment

Nope, we’re not talking about a wedding singer here but something different that truly surprises your guests. For example, you can hire acrobats like Cirque Du Solei, sure you can’t hire them but there are plenty of circuses that you can talk to and they are always looking for some side income. Just be creative.

A lounge area is a must have

Especially for the elderly that can’t stand too long for the in-between things, it’s wise to have a lounge area where people can relax a bit if the need arises. You can rent or borrow couches and equipment from your friends to fill up the lounge area so that you don’t spend a fortune on that.

Summing it up

I hope I provided you with plenty of ideas and if you’re missing something please add it in the comment section, that’s what it’s there for after all.

Understanding Wide Format Printing Ink Varieties

Wide format printing is an industrial printing technique that allows you to create large visuals indoor and outdoor purposes. Also referred to as large format printing, wide format printing requires the use of specialized printers which can accommodate the large, yet varying print sizes. There are several printing technologies used in wide format printing. Some of these are Thermal Inkjet or TIJ technology and Continuous Inkjet or CIJ technology which can be used with Needham Ink that is OEM compatible.

When it comes to wide format printing, there are various types of ink that you can use to create impressive designs. Let us look at some of them.

Aqueous Ink

This ink is water-based. It must be mixed with water when applied and as it dries up, the water evaporated leaving a bright print behind. The ink comes in two varieties called dye and pigment. These varieties do not contain harmful chemicals and are great for detailed images. They are not water resistant and should only be used for indoor printing.

Solvent Ink

A form of pigment ink that is prepared using volatile organic compounds. Solvent ink is waterproof and resistant to UV rays. It is more durable than aqueous ink and holds quite well on most types of surfaces. One major drawback of this ink is the use of toxic chemicals in its preparation, which makes it non-ideal for businesses such as restaurants and shops. Industrial printing companies that use solvent ink must ensure there is adequate ventilation to avoid inhaling the dangerous fumes that may be emitted during printing.

Dry Sublimation Ink

This is available in two types. The aqueous type is mostly used for standard large format printing while the solvent type is common in more sophisticated large format printers.

UV Cured Ink

If you are in need of a type of ink that dries quickly on a number of surfaces, consider using UV cured inks. The drying process involves exposure to strong ultraviolet rays. This makes the ink more expensive than its counterparts although most people still use it because of its durability.

 Latex Ink

This is a form of solvent ink that does not contain any toxic chemicals. It is one of the most versatile, options that deliver high-quality images that may last indefinitely. The ink is odorless and eco-friendly. It is best suited for printing companies that produce both indoor and outdoor products.

In Conclusion

Most of the products we encounter in our day to day life are printed using one of the wide format inks mentioned above. These inks are more advantageous than ordinary ink because of their durability, quick drying time and waterproof capability. They are also cost effective and can be used for many industrial applications.

Why Radio Presenters Prefer Instagram Over Other Social Media Platforms

Radio presenters are among the most influential people in the society as thousands of people listen to their shows on a daily basis. Some of them have become brand ambassadors and influencers in the digital marketing space due to their huge influence. Most of them rank the same range with politicians and musicians when it comes to the number of followers. These radio presenters are using various social platforms, and Instagram is among the most popular. Some have abandoned older social platforms and adopted Instagram which is growing at an amazing rate. The following are some of the reasons why most artists are using Instagram.

    1. Its visual nature

Being behind the mic on radio creates a visual barrier between listeners and the presenter. Most people know the voice but not the face of the presenter. Instagram has given radio presenters a chance to show their faces to their followers. The live video feature allows the presenter to interact with listeners on a one on one basis and know them better. It also allows for timely conversations which strengthen the bond between the presenter and the listeners. Instagram allows presenters to share other forms of content such as videos and photos on top of the audios that people are used to.

    1. They can automate some stuff

Presenters are very busy as they prepare content and the same time have social lives. Most people think that they just work for four or five hours, but they have a lot that they do behind the scenes. Automation can come in handy as they do not have time to search for trending hashtags, engage people and follow new users. There are various automation tools that these radio presenters use to make their lives easy. Instagress was in the past one of the most popular automation tools, but they closed down. You can check some Instagress alternatives at Income Artist and enjoy the benefits of automation.

    1. Easy to set up

It is free to set up an Instagram account which makes it a favourite platform among established and upcoming radio presenters. They need to fill some details, upload a profile picture and verify the account and they are good to go. The best part is that they can link the Instagram account to other social platforms and share content across the board.

Many artists in the creative space are now using Instagram. The developers are also working very hard to ensure that they suit every customer’s needs.