It is very hard to ignore the power of social media in today’s business world. The way people exchange information is now changing, and there is a shift towards various social messaging apps. One of the areas that are experiencing massive transformation is the marketing sector where digital marketing seems to be taking over. Instagram is one of the main social platforms that is contributing to this transformation majorly because of its visual nature. However, succeeding on Instagram without a strategy is next to impossible. An Instagram strategy documents what you will do and how you will achieve it. The following are some important elements of a good strategy

Establish your goals

What do you want to achieve when you join Instagram? There are those who want to build a community; others increase traffic to the money sites; another group wants to establish social authority while others want to increase their sales. You can have a few main goals and others will follow afterward. However, you need to ensure that your goals are realistic. They should not be so easy to achieve while at the same not too hard for you. Remember to include both your short-term and long term goals and focus on them with all your might.

Develop a content strategy

Gone are the days that you could post anything that came your way. Nowadays you have to evaluate how the content you are about to share will affect your brand. It is thus important to determine the kind of content that is fit for business and your account. Instagram allows you to post content in the form of videos, images, and text. You can come up with a plan where you post videos on a particular day. You can also postimages as a teaser before you post a video to arouse the interest of your followers.


You have to list the tools that you will use to implement your content strategy. You can use contests or even mentions and influencers to make your brand known. Instagram bots are also perfect tools that can help you achieve your marketing needs. The list of the number of things you can do with automation tools is endless which gives more time to focus on core business. You can learn moreabout automation tools and pick those that suit you best. You also need to evaluate your performance using these tools.