Probably the most versatile furniture item you can purchase, the humble bean bag has been the “go-to” for new home-makers throughout the decades. It’s “fits all” moldability makes it ideal for relaxing in front of the TV, to watch your favourite movie, or for relaxing in the garden with a cold glass of something nice.

Size and shape

Sold in a variety of sizes and shapes, there is something for everyone. Large, medium, small, round, long, flat, square – you name it, it’s no doubt available. There are even arm-chair shaped bean bags, offering a cheap yet practical alternative to more conventional seating.

Although a smaller bean bag can be easily moved and placed anywhere in the room, before you drop your tired derriere into it, a larger bag will let you relax in a number of different postures – sat, reclined, laid on your back, front or side – maybe even with your favourite person or persons.


The eponymous bean bag is filled with beans, right? Well, maybe – maybe not. Originally, of course, bean bags were filled with exactly that. However, these days, your bean bag could contain small polystyrene balls, shredded foam, cotton, or memory foam.

The most pliable filling that will mold to your body shape is that of beans or polystyrene balls. However, expect the bean bag to forget you the moment you get up. A memory foam bag will remember you and your body shape when you part company, waiting to welcome you back, like an old friend’s familiar embrace.

Cover and zipper

There are lots of attractive and fun cover-design. But choose your bean bag carefully Bean Bag Best warns. By its very nature, it will challenge your poise and balance. You may very-well end up wearing the red wine that you attempted to sit down with. You want to be sure that you can clean the bean bag’s cover, either in situ or by removing it and washing it.

If the cover is not removable, it’s advisable to choose one that is easy to wipe down, such as “leather-look”. Although not as comfortable as a fabric cover, you will not have to live with an ever-increasing collection of unsightly stains on your bean bag.

Finally, if the cover is removable and it has a zipper, be sure that the zipper is safely tucked out of the way. You can get a nasty scratch if it is exposed!