Neck and shoulder pain can be nasty, medicines only work temporarily while a hot shower instantly solves the problem, I found that myself that when I go under the shower for 20-30 minutes that I don’t feel any pain for hours afterward.

But what if there was an even easier solution that takes the pain away for even a longer amount of time? Well now there is since the invention of electric heating pads for exactly that area so let’s take a look at a couple of them to see what the differences are, and how they compare in price.

First on our list, the heating pad from CloudWraps

With 18 customer reviews and counting, and a price that’s under a thirty dollars this makes an excellent choice. Each of those eighteen purchasers has rated it as 5-stars. Now it’s true that reviews can be bought the amount of time in between them varies in a natural way so I have no reason to doubt these reviews are real.

The main benefits of this pad are that it heats fast, and it’s comfortable to wear. Well, what else do you really need?

Next, on our list, Techlove electric heating pad

This one is priced a little above 30 bucks and has received 89 reviews already, with an average rating of 4 stars. In other words another solid choice.

It’s made from one material and that’s polyester, thanks to the large-sized wrap of 14×22 inch it fits both children, adults, and even for wide shouldered people it still matches well enough. On top of that there are four heat settings to regulate the intensity.

The third is the heating pad from Sunbeam Renue

This one is a little more expensive than the others at around 50 dollars, and it’s definitely the most popular one as over 300 people reviewed it at Amazon. It’s 22 by 19 inch which makes it one of the largest as well.

Same as the one above it has four heat settings, and it automatically shuts down after two hours, very useful in case you wear it when you go to bed. The fact that it can easily be washed in any machine is a large benefit to.

Last one, the TechLove extra large

Speaking of sizes, this one is an impressive 24″-25″. If you ever had any doubt this must definitely be the largest ever made. It comes in at the same price as the previous one we reviewed and 21 people have left their opinion on this electric heating pad.

It comes with a fixation strap moist and has an auto shut-off function built-in. This one has six heating settings and ships to the whole world.