If you are a gym newcomer then you may have some questions in your mind. We are here to give the answers to all your problems and we will also give you some advice that will put you on the right track when it comes to muscle gaining and shredding. The information you get is not enough as this sport is most of all about practice, continual practice and experimenting. You must get to know your body and the way it adapts to different physical stress situations. If you reach such a control level you will, in no time, get the body you ever wanted. People will look at you in astonishment and your self-confidence will boost towards endless levels. You also know that the theory is quite simple: train, eat right, and take the right food supplements and give to your body the right amount of sleep. But the theory is left behind by practice and some of us get stuck in some dull routines, our bodies stop responding to the training routines and all of these make us go real crazy. Some of us even give up and refuse to ever cross the threshold of a gym.

Information is the most powerful weapon


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