Bicycle lovers understand the risks associated with riding a bike with defects. It is, therefore, paramount that you maintain your bike in a perfect condition for it to offer you a smooth ride. Fortunately for you, the bicycle wears out mostly on the outer surface enabling you to fix almost any defective part without seeking the help of the mechanic. Here are various ways to maintain your bike.

1.    Always keep the tires properly inflated. Tires are crucial parts of a bike as they make contact with the ground surface. Inner tubes leak air at low rate though sometimes can be at a fast rate making it crucial for regular inflating the tires to compensate for the leaked air. It is advisable to only use Pumps for Bikes for inflating the tires. A hard tire makes riding easier by minimizing rolling resistance. Additionally, a hard tire performs better and lasts longer. Tire manufacturers mostly indicate the level of recommended pressure on the sidewall of the tire. You should run hard tires if you are a heavy rider, but in the case of a soft rider, you may do with a soft tire.

2.    Always keep the bike clean. A clean bicycle guarantees you excellent performance and long life of your bike. It removes oil and grease in the gear sprockets and chain. You just need water, soap, and piece of cloth or sponge to make your bike clean and shining.

3.    Maintain the brakes in perfect condition. Worn out, saggy or screeching brakes pose serious safety threat while riding the bike. Check for worn brake pads and replace them with new ones. If you can’t see the grooves, it means the brake pads are worn. Screeching of the brakes can say that they are dirty. Hence they need cleaning. Adjusting the brakes can also help to eliminate the noise. Lastly, saggy brakes require tightening.

4.    Lubrication. Apply lubricant in parts of the bike where metals come together to reduce friction. Ensure you use the right oil for a particular type of a bike.

5.    Keep saddle in the right position. Raise or lower the saddles to the levels that suit your style of riding.

You don’t need to spend all your time working on your bike but rather spend a little time regularly, and even that old bike of yours will be as good as new. Having your bike in perfect condition not only makes you enjoy your ride but also gives you a peace of mind as you know the chances of accidents are reduced.