Radio presenters are among the most influential people in the society as thousands of people listen to their shows on a daily basis. Some of them have become brand ambassadors and influencers in the digital marketing space due to their huge influence. Most of them rank the same range with politicians and musicians when it comes to the number of followers. These radio presenters are using various social platforms, and Instagram is among the most popular. Some have abandoned older social platforms and adopted Instagram which is growing at an amazing rate. The following are some of the reasons why most artists are using Instagram.

    1. Its visual nature

Being behind the mic on radio creates a visual barrier between listeners and the presenter. Most people know the voice but not the face of the presenter. Instagram has given radio presenters a chance to show their faces to their followers. The live video feature allows the presenter to interact with listeners on a one on one basis and know them better. It also allows for timely conversations which strengthen the bond between the presenter and the listeners. Instagram allows presenters to share other forms of content such as videos and photos on top of the audios that people are used to.

    1. They can automate some stuff

Presenters are very busy as they prepare content and the same time have social lives. Most people think that they just work for four or five hours, but they have a lot that they do behind the scenes. Automation can come in handy as they do not have time to search for trending hashtags, engage people and follow new users. There are various automation tools that these radio presenters use to make their lives easy. Instagress was in the past one of the most popular automation tools, but they closed down. You can check some Instagress alternatives at Income Artist and enjoy the benefits of automation.

    1. Easy to set up

It is free to set up an Instagram account which makes it a favourite platform among established and upcoming radio presenters. They need to fill some details, upload a profile picture and verify the account and they are good to go. The best part is that they can link the Instagram account to other social platforms and share content across the board.

Many artists in the creative space are now using Instagram. The developers are also working very hard to ensure that they suit every customer’s needs.